Digital state that
has endured

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Digital state that
Despite the shelling, electricity cut offs and endless air-raid alarm, Ukrainians continue to live and be proactive. Just like the Diia team. We adapt to the new reality, we create and launch new services.

Those who make life more convenient, interaction with the state – invisible, and the level of corruption – less. We will talk about what we’ve accomplished during the war at the first Diia.Summit since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

What to expect

We’ll summarize, talk about new services and nearest plans
New services in the application
The most awaited service is finally in Diia. Yes, this is a car re-registration. What else? Update of the Map of Invincibility showing the access to shelters and Invincibility Points.
Top services on the Diia web portal
Can you create a country of entrepreneurs? Yes, we can. Automatic changes of individual entrepreneurs status, e-Booking and e-Entrepreneur will help with this. We also provide services for sailors to eliminate corruption and simplify life.
Updated app design
Even more convenient and attractive? Yes, yes, we worked on that too. Ready to present and implement.
Diia vision
Plans, ideas and projects for the next six months. Be the first to know about the changes that await you in the near future.

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Despite everything continue to build the world’s most convenient digital state
Therefore, we quickly launch military services, help other ministries to change their vector, adjust the work of state registers and work on defense-tech projects.

Our digital products

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